Car shakes above 60 and 65 mph

Does your car shakes above 60 mph and above? This problem is caused by a tire out of balance. Normally when a car has been driven for a while, the wheel weight on the tire can fall off. This will cause the imbalance and gives that “shaking” feel on your steering wheel. Another problem is that the tire may have been bent, damaged, out of alignment, using different tire sizes, or simply putting on old and new tires.

What cause the imbalance? The answer is rather simple. Driving over a pot hole, speed bump, hitting the curb, driving over objects on the road can cause this entire problem. Take your car to the tire shop can get your car running in no time. The fix is probably as simple as balancing the tires.

Tips: Always balance your tires before getting an alignment; this is the first step of process of elimination.

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