Common Car Oil Leak

Here is list of common car oil leak and engine oil leak that should be check before bringing your car to the mechanic. These components and parts should be inspected thoroughly to ensure the cause of the leak. A leak can cause wide range of problems such as oil dripping on wires, hoses, and rubber. To determine the true cause of the leak, use a shop rage and degreaser to clean the surface of the suspected area. Drive your car for a few days if the leak is minor. Examine the suspected area and if sludge is visible, that is where the leak is at.

Here is a list of common oil leaks

Oil Pan: Check the condition of the oil pan and its gasket. The oil pan should not be banged, dented, or warped. If this happens the gasket may not seal properly and cause oil to leak. Check the oil pan drain plug.

Distributor: Distributor O Ring is a common leak that will leak from the top of the engine to the bottom. The O Ring goes bad overtime due to wear and tear. Replace the oil ring and the problem should be fixed.

Rear main seal: The rear main seal prevents oil from leaking around the back of the crankshaft. This isn’t a easy job to do at home. Bring the vehicle to a mechanic and have them change the rear main seal for you.

Transmission oil leak: Transmission seal can go badly and fluid will leak. Check all transmission lines. Check transmission drain plug.

Brake fluid leak: Check the piston for the caliper, the seal can leak fluid. Check all break hoses and line condition. Check the brake master cylinder.

Valve cover: Check the engine’s valve cover; the seal will go bad overtime due to high miles and wear and tear. This is a simple job and can be done at home.

PCV:Check the pcv as the rubber grommet may go bad and leak. Although the leak may not be huge, overtime it can build up. It is better to change the pcv along with the grommet. These parts should not cost more than $10 at a local auto parts store or Walmart.

Oil Filter: This is a common leak, and oil filter should be change if there is a leak. Any DIY backyard mechanic can change this. If a monkey can change an oil filter, you can too.

Power steering:Check all the power steering hoses as it can go bad overtime. A bad power steering can result in a loss of power making steering difficult.

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