How to clean idle air control valve

Learn how to clean idle air control valve. A dirty idle air control valve can cause engine rpm to fluctuate. This is usually due to carbon buildup and blockage in the passage at the IACV. If your car is having an idling problem it is time to clean your IACV. Cleaning the IACV can save you hundreds of dollar. And usually, this part does not come cheap at the dealership. So let’s begin.

You will need:

Throttle body cleaner

Carburetor cleaner

Basic tools

Here are the steps:

1.      First locate the IACV which is by the throttle body or on the intake manifold

2.      Remove the air filter box assembly to access the IACV

3.      Remove the IACV

4.      The IACV should have two hole

5.      Spray the two holes with the Throttle body cleaner or Carburetor cleaner

6.      Let the IACV sit for 20-30 minutes to allow the cleaners to evaporate

7.      Reinstall the IACV

8 .     Reinstall air filter box assembly

9.      Start engine

10.     Idle should be smoother

Idle Air control Valve Location

Use the throttle body cleaner and spray here

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