How to replace the engine coolant temperature sensor

Engine coolant temperature sensor measures the temperature of engine coolant. In most cases, it is simply referred to as a coolant temperature sensor. A faulty engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT) can affect air/fuel ratio and timing by sending incorrect signal to the computer. The ECT richens the mixture when cool and leans the mixture when hot. If the circuit is open, the sensor will affect cold running engine and if it is shorted, it will affect warm engine.

You will need:

basic tool: wrench, deep socket
liquid thread pipe sealant
drain pan


Locate the engine coolant temperature sensor near the intake manifold or thermostate housing.

How to Remove the ECT

1. First, allow the engine to cool
2. Disconnect the negative battery cable
3. Remove the radiator cap after the engine has been cooled
4. Place the drain pan underneath the vehicle below the radiator drain plug
5. Loosen the drain plug and partially drain the radiator coolant
6. Locate the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor and disconnect the connector
7. Remove the Engine coolant Temperature Sensor with a wrench
8. Once the sensor has been removed, inspect the tip
9. A bad Engine coolant temperature sensor tip has rust or deposit
10. Compare the new sensor with the old one. Make sure they are the same as a different ECT sensor can upset the engine performance

How to install the ECT

1.Apply liquid thread pipe sealant on the thread of the engine coolant temperature sensor
2.Install the new sensor and torque to proper manufacturer specification
3.Fill the radiator with new fluid and make sure to bleed the radiator
4.Connect the negative battery cable

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