How to test a Mass Air Flow sensor

Is your engine running inefficient? You may want to clean your Mass air flow sensor. MAF sensor is used on fuel injected engine and it is normally mounted between the air filter assembly and intake. The function of MAF is to measure the amount of air flowing into the engine and convert to a voltage value. Mass air flow output voltage should be proportional to the incoming air. MAF can work improperly due to pollen, dust and soot. An improper MAF can cause incorrect measurement of air flow and increase air/fuel mixture resulting in rich condition. A proper working MAF improves fuel mileage and a noticeable slight increase in horsepower.

Here is quick way to perform test

Quick Test # 1 With the engine running, tap on the MAF sensor slightly. If the engine stumbles it is a sign of a bad MAF.

Quick Test #2 Disconnect the MAF with the engine running. If the engine condition improves, MAF is likely bad.

What you will need:

Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner, this can be purchased at any auto part store or Walmart Basic tools.

Now you have your tools, let’s begin,

Step #1 Disconnect the MAF connector and remove it from the air tube.

Step #2 Spray some MAF cleaner onto the wires of the MAF and allow it to dry. Do not touch the wires, it will cause damage .

Step #3 Reinstall the MAF, hooking up the connectors in its proper place.

Step #4 Engine performance should improve and better gas mileage.

mass air flow cleaner

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