My car squeal at start up

Does your vehicle squeal at start up? Does it continue to squeal when the wheel is turned left or right or under load such as turning on the A/C? If that is the case, you may have a worn belt or a loose belt. The rule of thumb is that the belt should have no more than ½” of slack. Anymore than that can cause a belt to slip on the pulley. The problem can be solved by replacing the belt or adjusting the belt tightness.

It is best to have this issue repaired as soon as you are aware of the problem, in order to prevent further damage. Often, it is a relatively straightforward procedure, which may even be covered by your car insurance policy. If you are not entirely sure about the cause of your problem, then you may also be able to find useful advice online, from sites such as It is important to be aware that the squeaking noise it not simply irritating, but a sign of an internal problem with your vehicle. Do not put off getting this problem fixed, or you will run the risk of encountering more serious issues. A simple check-up should be able to identify whether or not your belt is in need of adjustment.

Check up:

1. Check the belt for wear or cracks

2. Check the belt for slack, pull the belt side to side, if there is more than 1/2″ of slack. The belt is loose and needs to be tighten.

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