Steel Seal Reviews

Steel Seal Reviews, what is it? That’s what I am going to talk about it today. I am not going to convince you to “buy” the product or convince you “not to buy” the product. Before I jump the gun and start giving my personal review, let me break down a head gasket repair analysis. As we all know, a head gasket job cost about $700-$2,000 to repair a head gasket. Normally, the head gasket alone is very cheap, but the labor is expensive. That is where you are paying for most of the cost. It takes about a good 6-10 hours to repair a head gasket. It all depends on who is working on the vehicle. An experienced mechanic can get the job done much quicker than one who isn’t too experience.

What can Steel Seal fix?

According to their website, they claim Steal Seal can fix vehicle with white smoke out of the tailpipe, water in the oil, oil in the water, overheating and backpressure / bubbling in the radiator. All the symptoms mentioned is a tale tell sign of a blown head gasket. Steel seal claims that it takes 60 minutes to repair a head gasket and no disassembly is involved. I have already mentioned that it takes at least 6 hours to replace a head gasket.


Steel seal offer lifetime guarantee. To read more about their guarantee, check out their site at

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6 Responses to “Steel Seal Reviews”

  1. Do you actually have any first hand knowledge with using this product?

  2. I have used steel seal on two cars and it worked on both. My son has a shop and would offer it to customers as an alternative to a complete head gasket job and it works!!!

  3. Santiago & Rebecca on April 14th, 2012 at 4:25 am

    Hi. We just tried the steele seal on our 6 cylendar Mitsubishie MONTERO Unfortunately nothing changed, not even the amout of smoke coming out of the tail pipe. I’ll call the company for a full refund and let everyone know how that works. Hopefully better than the seal.


  4. I just used this product on my 2004 BMW X3. It was doing all the blow head gasket things: white smoke, going through coolant, sputtering at the start..I got an estimate to repair it for $3,300…so I figured I might as well try $100 for Steel Seal. I made sure I had no coolant in the system, (it says water only) and filled the radiator up with SS. Ran it at 1000 rpms for 1 hour just like it instructed. Then let it cool over 8 hours and when I started it the next day there was no white smoke, sputtering or loss of power and I have not had any loss of coolant since and that was two weeks ago….this stuff WORKS.

  5. I had a tear in the head gasket of my 1998 Ford Explorer with white smoke coming out of the exhaust. Steel Seal fixed it. I was amazed. I ordered Steel Seal as a last ditch effort to save my vehicle (with 233,000 miles on it I wasn’t going to invest $1,200 to $1,800 for the repair). It came with a money back guarantee so I had nothing to lose. The repair got better over a two day period. By following the instructions I was able to stop the smoking right away, then the car ran cooler and cooler and cooler until by the end of the second day the car ran like great. I have put more than 5,000 miles on the car since the repair and everything is still good.

  6. I was a non-believer of Steel Seal. The time was Oct. 2009.
    My car a ’97 Subaru it had 120k miles. Right about the time
    Subarus start popping their head gasket. Econmy was falling off
    a cliff and certainly not $2500. to replace the head gasket.
    Gave SS a whirl and guess what. Success!! This ain’t no jive.
    I’m not a SS plant. I’m now at 140k miles on this date of Jan.
    2013. Left my thermostat out but might put it back in.
    How certain am I it was the head gasket? First of all those
    of you with an older Subaru know exactly what has been going
    on with their machines. 110% sure. Anti freeze out the tail
    pipe and the sweet smell. Best $70 bucks I’ve spent at time
    when I could ill afford the real replacement. Might just keep
    this Subaru for a while now.

    ** p.s. they say it will even correct warped heads. Don’t
    know that for sure though.