My transmission is not shifting gear! Find out why!

Have you been in a situation where the transmission will not shift? This problem is related to the transmission and its related component. It is more common than you think and it is not what you think either. In a manual transmission the problem is more external than the transmission itself. In an automatic transmission the problem is more internal than external. Here is a list of common problem to look for when a transmission fails to shift.

Manual transmission shifting problems:

Possible causes: Low clutch fluid, worn slave cylinder, bent fork, out of clutch disc, worn seat bushing, worn synchronizer, worn a synchronizer assembly, and bad pilot bearing.

Solution: Replace the clutch with a new clutch, replace bad slave cylinder, top more fluid (normally brake fluid is ok), and replace pilot bearing.

Automatic transmission shifting problems:

The problem is more internal and the problem is greater since there is a lot of internal component and not so easy to locate the problem.
Possible causes: The bands in the transmission probably need to be tightened. Automatic fluid needs to be changed due to all the debris and gunk build up. Check the transmission filter or better yet replace it. Transmission line may be clogged with debris and gunk. Worn internal seals, throttle cable need to be adjusted. Modulators vacuum leak. Last but not least, low fluid level.

Solution: This is pricey and normally requires the transmission to be rebuilt or replaced with a new or used one.

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